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Singapore PR Applications | Pointers to strengthen PR application

Adding more weight to the country’s economy is what every state strives for. Likewise, the residency plan to select the suitable Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) from a list of applying candidates was designed in the first place to achieve drive economic and strategic strength into the country through the medium of citizenship status.

The individuals need to look into every single factor that could potentially affect their application for the accumulation of Singapore Permanent Residency (PR). Following are some of the factors that a candidate must bear in mind before diving into the citizenship process:

Age: Unlike young candidates, older applicants or retired applicants (65 years or old) are measured particularly based on their capability to make a difference in the country’s economic status whereas the contribution of younger applicants is scaled upon their time and energy. 

Time Spent in Singapore: The time you spent in Singapore is equally important to recognize your power in making the country stronger in the future. According to the policies, the most favorable situation for you is to have a longer stay in the country on record, that too, employed. This will add weight to your profile because your familiarization with the country will gain you bonus points for your PR status.

Education: A major part of your profile will be assessed on your educational and academic capabilities. For a country to gain economic strength, the professional and technical attributes will make a huge difference for the government bodies. Likewise, for highly reputable positions in the industries, the authorities will also invest in the qualification review of the applicants.

Contribution to Industry & Employment: Being an active employer of any Singapore industry could prove to be an excellent reason for driving the country’s future economy towards success. Association with the industries or its various sectors could give your profile an added advantage. Your employment (whether contract or permanent) will be assessed by the authorities on legitimate terms. 

Contribution to Income & Economy: Apart from your current position and income, the authorities will also grade your income bracket on the future possibilities that could arise from your current contribution. If your income status does not seem to fulfill the citizenship demands of Singapore, your future potential power will. 

Family/ Extended Family: If your family or extended family members own Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status, your profile will instantly gain extra points from the reviewing authorities as the country prefers to facilitate families and relatives for economic and societal growth.

Contribution to Society: Society contribution will make your profile more favorable for the citizens of the country. Committing to monetary contributions and providing volunteer services will highlight your integration efforts which will ultimately give rise to a stronger and anti-racial society.

Commendations/Achievements: Adding special achievement awards or rewards to your application will give an instant boost to your professional network and help you gain a distinctive and commending status by the government authorities.

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