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Singapore PR Applications | Handling Rejection with Appeals

After submitting appeals to rectify the initial decision by the ICA, the applicant must gather and turn in his renewed set of documentation with major improvements to get noticed by the government bodies on the foundation of pertinent policies. It requires immense patience for an applicant to go over the entire process again with relatively lesser support by the authorities the second time.
Our company promises a committed guidance plan to our clients which stays true to their immigration process until a positive outcome is achieved.
The frustration that comes with the rejection of Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) applications as a result of poor documentation and uncompetitive profiles, that too without proper disclosure of the reasons, is quite understandable. It is imperative that with a 90-95% rejection rate each year, Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status opportunity is getting equally difficult to achieve.

After receiving rejection notice, you can choose either of the following two options:

1st Option: Apply again in a minimum of six months from the date of rejection

2nd Option: An appeal must be submitted after rejection in a minimum of 2 months

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