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The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is responsible for providing the citizens with the status of a Permanent Resident (PS). After becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), the citizens still require a few steps to blend into the Singapore society completely and enjoy their new citizenship.

Despite having a few restrictions tethered with the Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR), the policy may have a few essential things to offer to the residents:
Visa Flexibility: Unless the visa exceeds its validity period, any Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) will be welcomed to stay in the country without any restrictions regarding the visa for either entering or staying in the country.

Family Proximity: Being a true supporter of families and their time together, the government allows a Permanent Resident to conduct long term family unions through passes called Long Term Visit Passes (LTVP).

Education Priority: In case a Singapore PR decides to enroll his child in an articulate Government school to facilitate the educational necessity, priority placement will be granted to the resident so he could live an affordable life with the Government at his children’s disposal.

Career Flexibility: The status of a Singapore PR will allow the resident to get recognized at a job facility without having to rely on passes and permits. Similarly, a Singapore PR is also eligible to apply for Civil service positions along with employment opportunities from all around the country especially the local jobs.

Comfortable Retirement: Another benefit for a Singapore PR refers to the pension scheme that continues after one has put an end to his career. Like every citizen, Singapore PRs will also avail their rightly share of Central Provident Fund(CPF) from the government after they have announced retirement.

Property Investment: Unlike non-PRs, the Singapore PRs can enjoy the property investment as well as commitment perks with the reduced rate of Stamp duties. Similarly, to pay house loans on monthly basis, the Singapore PRs can conveniently use their CPF Ordinary Accounts provided by the Government itself.

Tax Reliefs: For Singapore PRs, the Government looks forward to providing them profound support in terms of monetary benefits and approvals for bank loans. In case, a resident demands for help regarding tax relief, the Government is more than willing to provide it.

Future Entrepreneurship plans: To set up a business or signup for an equal share deal, the Singapore PRs need not search for a local director because the status of Permanent Resident is enough to get you through it unhindered.

Citizenship Status: Security of Singapore Permanent Residency is a pre-requisite to establish a permanent home in the country and avail the cumulative status of citizenship.

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