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Singapore PR Applications | How to achieve a successful application for submission

Out of 100 Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) applications, ICA only approves 5-10% of applications and that could heavily affect the status of such applicants both mentally and academically because even after committing to this significant decision, the ICA keeps the real reasons for disapproving the application to itself only. With the wisdom of highly knowledgeable members and experienced personnel, we at Singapore Citizenship provide authentic guidance to applicants at every step of the application process. Considering the minimal chances to reach the success stage, around 90-95%, our company uses the maximum resources, intellect, and assistance of the policymakers who have previously served for ICA. This is how a PR application (for PTS / Sponsored Scheme) typically moves in a timeline:
1) 1) Following steps to be taken in the Consultation phase:
  • Provide advisory on updates regarding policies
  • Extensive Analysis of the profile of the candidate
  • Deliver advisory to the applicant in person
  • Deliver insights to strengthen the profile
  • To ensure a robust foundation of the application and proper documentation for further processing, Singapore citizenship will follow the aforementioned steps strictly.
2) Initialization of the Service
After your signup with our company to work on your application, we will introduce you to all the terms and conditions required for the proceeding of the case. To submit your complete documents on time, we will provide you the following in-depth guidance so your process does not suffer at any cost:
  • Specialists of the documentation along with assigned caseworkers
  • Necessary Timeline and Milestones along the process
  • Checklist of documents to be submitted
  • Checklist of documents to be submitted in case of Social Integration efforts
3) The preparation of Documents to be submitted
In this step, we at Singapore Citizenship will solely work for the preparation of your documentation to such a degree that ICA and other reviewing authorities are forced to approve your application for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR). With the aid of professional and skilled documentation specialists, we will turn your documentation into a strong and compelling work with no errors. We will :
  • Solve complex immigration issues during the process
  • Commit to the entire documentation process
  • Use strategic planning for enhancement of your case
  • Help Provide added benefit to e-PR applications
  • Review documentation extensively beforehand for submission
4) Submission of Documents to the Government Authorities
Now that your documentation is ready for submission, all you need will be additional assistance from our experts to ensure the implementation of updated policies in your documents to be forwarded to the reviewing authorities. Our professionals will also enlighten you with the submission policies associated with the e-PR system. This step will review your profile compilation in-depth and match it with the pertinent requirements put forward by ICA.
5) Assistance in the Post-Submission period
It is imperative to stay connected with the process post-submission too because it is very likely, that ICA or other ruling authorities decide to come up with renewed policies for the schemes you applied for. In the post-submission period, our company will be standing next to you in case your process needs another round of reviewing. The advisory offered by Singapore Citizenship promises you profound support and assistance throughout the process.
Our company will assist you while working on the formalities laid out by the government authorities after you receive a positive outcome in response to the initially submitted documents. ICA demands expedient fill-ups, exactly why our company will help you in keeping your schedule in check until you receive your citizenship notice.

We also assist those who fail to succeed in the process. Our expert advice and professional strategic angle will help in the analysis of the reasons for which your application was unsuccessful. Unless we strengthen your profile and make it acceptable by the ICA, our expertise will keep serving you.

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